LinkedIn Gives Us Another Mobile Upgrade

images (9)For all social media giants, mobile is the current focus for upgrading – and rightly so. As mobile devices become more tech-packed, the competition is fierce to reach as many users as possible with their particular brand of social media. For this reason, LinkedIn has made its second major mobile upgrade in the space of six months.

Does seem that strange? Well, considering that prior to April 2013. LinkedIn had not significantly improved its mobile systems for almost two years, it might.

So, what’s going on with this new LinkedIn upgrade ? Well, it’s pretty simple in the grand scheme of social networking, but still important since it extends what you can do from your smart phone or tablet on their site. Prior to this upgrade, smart phone and tablet users could only  search for other people on the Linkedin site. The new upgrade allows users to search for companies, groups, and jobs; it seems kind of dumb that this wasn’t already an option  since LinkedIn is a business social media site. The company has been admittedly slow to get with the mobile trends, but it appears they are catching up.

This spring, LinkedIn acquired a group of clever tech elves with its new polling app (which it promptly retired June 30).  LinkedIn also spent $90 million to secure Pulse, a newsreader app startup. It’s safe to expect a more consistent stream of upgrades from LinkedIn, so watch this space.


  1. oooh keep em comin!

  2. Haley Starla says:

    Clever tech elves lol

  3. chris delridge says:

    i love linked in

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