Twitter No Longer Banned in Turkey

download (13)Well, the ban lasted two weeks but as previously stated very few people in Turkey really adhered to the recent Twitter ban. On March 21st telecom officials in Turkey upheld a ruling which saw the microblogging site blocked from the country’s internet. Almost immediately, however, the country’s top officials started flouting the law, posting on Twitter how stupid the ban was. The general public also found ways to circumvent the ban so essentially it was just a joke. Seemingly the only real supporter of the ban was Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, oh, and by the way, this all happened in the run up to local elections in the country.

Well anyway, the telecoms commission has now lifted the ban after a court ruling that deemed it unconstitutional. So as of the 3rd of April Twitter is no longer blocked in Turkey. This has not pleased the PM who is complaining very vocally. Erdogan has said that he will comply with the ruling but does not respect it. He also claims that the ruling should be rejected on procedural grounds. Whatever Tayyip, go Tweet about it maybe your followers will care less. Hooray for Turkey and Twitter, another blow struck against government censorship.


  1. What a jackass

  2. kevin leigh says:

    that’s a good way to ensure that you are voted out

  3. Heather F says:

    That was a really stupid law anyway

  4. yeah for them!

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