YouTube Making Bold Advertiser Promises

download (13)You really have to have confidence in yourself to make some of the promises YouTube is making to potential advertisers right now. Currently the social media video sharing site is in full-on attack mode in its war to take over from TV. For a long time now YouTube has been busy building itself up to become a site that does away with the need of regular TV. This is all in an effort to steal away that lucrative ad market enjoyed by TV networks, and YouTube has really stepped up its game.

As part of the ongoing negotiations with advertisers the site has made some pretty bold claims. Firstly, YouTube has promised advertisers that it will offer audience guarantees. This is something usually reserved for TV and essentially means that it will run promotional material until a certain percentage of the audience is reached. So if say the expected audience for a video falls short YouTube will place that ad on another video to make up the difference. This is only available for advertisers that book space in advance as is the new policy to reserve space for ads on the most popular channels. Until now only TV could offer such guarantees but with YouTube stepping up they could potentially make a lot of money.


  1. Kelly Jenkins says:

    If anyone can do it, it would be youtube

  2. That’s the only crappy part about youtube is all of the damn ads

  3. Sharron says:

    It never seems to bode well when a company starts making outrageous claims.

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