LinkedIn Making Good Use of Pulse

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Interested eyes have been trained on LinkedIn ever since they bought out news aggregation service Pulse last year. Big things were expected and it seems that the company has not slacked in delivering just that. LinkedIn Pulse is the latest thing in newsfeed clarity, allowing users to have an uncluttered and concise view of appropriate […]

Facebook Allowed to Bring Lawsuit Against Manhattan DA

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A panel of five court justices has ruled that Facebook can bring a case to court against the Manhattan District Attorney. The case in question alleges that the DA violated constitutional rights when it served warrants against the accounts of 381 Facebook users. As part of an investigation into social security fraud the accounts of […]

YouTube Loses Another Key Exec


Video Sharing social media site YouTube has been having a rough time as of late with respect to losing some key high level staff members. The site has been losing management level workers hand over fist and the latest departure sees Vice President of content Tom Pickett walking out the door. Pickett is one of […]

Twitter Finally Tells Us About Its Workforce

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Social media company Twitter has been resisting calls to give us a breakdown of their workforce diversity even though its fellow Silicon Valley neighbors have already released records. Well, finally the company has followed suit and released the breakdown and frankly it looks just like everyone else’s in the tech industry. The general workforce at […]

Skype 5.0 Could Be Better

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When you are, or should I say were, the yard stick by which all other messaging services are measured there is great pressure on you. The pressure, however, seems to be showing on Skype and parent company Microsoft as they are having a bit of a rough time of late. First we start out with […]