Skype’s New Exclusive Windows Feature

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Exclusive features are all the rage these days, offering something that people want on only one platform is a surefire way to get some cross branding. This is what Skype has done by releasing a unique exclusive feature only on the Windows Phone version of the video services app. Not only can you now make […]

Facebook Forces User to Lie About Her Age

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Now usually Facebook doesn’t insist on what age you put into your profile and considering they have no requirement for proof of age that makes sense. However, the social network site inadvertently made it somewhat difficult for their oldest ever user to create an account and be truthful. Whereas many users may choose to lie […]

YouTube Opens Studio for Creators and Brands

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YouTube creator studios may not be a new thing, as they already exist in London, Los Angeles and Tokyo. The latest studio, however, the second to open in the U.S., will be a little different. This new studio which is opening in New York City is being called “BrandLab” and will focus more on the […]

Twitter Pushes the Issue With the Justice Department

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It was some months back that the country was in a massive uproar about the government prying into our social media. It all came out that the powers that be were regularly petitioning the likes of Twitter and Facebook for user data for the purposes of “legal” investigations. Well, when it all blew up the […]

Skype to End Local Calls in India

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When you are a global entity you often find yourself at the mercy of some restrictive laws in certain countries and that seems to be the case with Skype in India. The video calling media site has just announced that they will be blocking their call features for users in India. Apparently, under India’s laws, […]

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