Twitter Taking Another Page out of Facebook’s Book


It’s an undeniable fact that all of the main social media sites are gradually trying to copy each other. I mean, think about it, Facebook started using hashtags and listing trends just like Twitter. In return Twitter stole FB’s profile page design and automatic display of images in the feed. These are all purely cosmetic […]

You Can Bank on Facebook

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That’s right folks, we could just be days away from Facebook becoming the new Paypal. Apparently, according to business insiders, Facebook is in the process of being approved as a payment and remittance processor. What does that mean? Well it means that if the Central Bank of Ireland (Facebook’s non-U.S. business handler) gives the green […]

People Use Google+ and They Can Prove It

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Oh, it does seem a little desperate when you have to add a feature to your social media site to essentially prove that people use it. That is exactly what Google+ has just done, however, because they have now added a feature to your accounts that will tell you how many times your profile and […]

LinkedIn Joins Tech Companies Selling off Stocks Before Values Plummet

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The tech companies are really playing the stock game right now especially companies like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google. Essentially what is happening is that top tech bosses have been cashing in their stocks just before share values are taking a dive. This is of course so that they can free up cash before the value […]

Skype Calls Could Get Better for Media Outlets

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If you have ever watched CNN you may well have seen that from time to time they use Skype to perform interviews where they can’t send a camera crew. These video calls have all the quality that we can enjoy in our own personal Skype calls which often means poor picture and sound quality. Well, […]