Twitter Finally Tells Us About Its Workforce

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Social media company Twitter has been resisting calls to give us a breakdown of their workforce diversity even though its fellow Silicon Valley neighbors have already released records. Well, finally the company has followed suit and released the breakdown and frankly it looks just like everyone else’s in the tech industry. The general workforce at […]

LinkedIn: From Leper to Legend

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You may not realize to look at LinkedIn today, but at one time the social media giant was as welcome as a fly in soup within some circles. Obviously from the very start the company was popular with those actively seeking employment and those businesses who were looking to hire. The trouble was in the […]

Facebook Manipulating Users Emotions

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Ohhhhh, Facebook, when will you learn to not experiment with your users? Yet again those tech heads over at FB have been conducting research on us without warning or asking for consent. Basically the people over at FB Labs decided to do a psychological experiment on random users and it involved controlling their news feeds. […]

Google+ Turns Three and It’s Still Teething

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It’s been 3 years since the launch of Google+ and despite the massive strides it’s made and signs of competitive life when we look back there isn’t much to write home about. You see, the thing about Google+ is that it suffers from a real case of love it or hate it and that isn’t […]

Skype Getting Cheaper for EU Customers

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So okay, that title is a little misleading, Skype isn’t actually getting cheaper for those who live in the EU, the company is actually getting sneakier about its charges. In a recent email sent to Skype users in the European Union the company stated that they would no longer charge Value Added Tax (VAT) at […]