Skype Calls Could Get Better for Media Outlets

download (10)If you have ever watched CNN you may well have seen that from time to time they use Skype to perform interviews where they can’t send a camera crew. These video calls have all the quality that we can enjoy in our own personal Skype calls which often means poor picture and sound quality. Well, good old Skype is willing to do something about that, well for media customers anyway. The news is that Microsoft just splashed out to buy out long-time partner Cat and Mouse. Using the company’s tech Microsoft intends to improve Skype’s video call ability and re-branding the combo as Skype TX. This new version of Skype will then apparently be offered to media outlets who are looking to improve video call interviews.

At present the cost of this newly proposed system has not been announced although it will likely be expensive. Presently this new upgrade is intended only for media group packages which means Joe and Jill public can still enjoy poor quality calls. Potentially, in the future, Skype may roll it out to all customers and they probably should so that they can compete against Google hangout and the other up and coming video call services.


  1. they should just upgrade everyone!

  2. Mary Beth says:

    Leave it to Skype to only take care of those who are lining their pockets

  3. skype always works well for me?

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